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Employee Monitoring: Report, Alert and Control Employee Activity

Another reason you might want to monitor employee emails is to reduce unproductive behavior. Limiting or restricting email outside corporate domain can be a solution to this issue. Monitoring email activity is also extremely valuable for auditing company compliance for employees who work in fields like customer service, collaboration, public relations and all other roles which rely heavily on sending outgoing email daily.

File activity monitoring prevents unauthorized access and is often the first line of defense against sensitive data leaks. Most of the major employee monitoring software can monitor all kinds of file activity, such as file creation, deletion, access, or write operations. One of the key features of such a system is the ability to restrict usage of external drives to minimize data exfiltration attempts. Some software keep track of sensitive files and block data theft through steganography.

This is a technique used by malicious employees where they modify a file format or type to evade extension-based blocking. Network monitoring allows system administrators to monitor all applications, services and users connected to the network, consumption of shared resources, identity login activities, location, time and exact IP, ports etc. Additionally, monitoring your company's networks can help network admins identify potential dangers like malware activity, abnormal traffic, unsafe connections etc.

Some employee monitoring tools feature a keystroke recording, which can capture and log all keyboard activity by a user. Keylogging is an invaluable way for employers to gain insight in to their employees' daily activity, attitude, professionalism and productivity. Some software combines OCR and pattern matching with this feature to detect potentially dangerous keywords even as the user type them.

However, caution must be taken when you use such features. So, if you are not sure if you are allowed to record employee keystrokes, consult your legal counsel. Teramind can help you implement the keylogging feature in a responsible manner. For example, you can set it up so that the software automatically stops the recording when personal content, site or apps are detected.

Social media and IMs, while used successfully by many businesses for marketing and communication purposes, can harm productivity uncontrolled access to these services. Another problem with such ubiquitous platforms means, employees can accidentally share sensitive information or embargoed content i. They are also a popular platform used by hackers and scammers to target employees for phishing and other exploitation attacks.

For all these reasons, employers are beginning to blocking or restricting time on these sites. With advanced context analysis capacities, solutions like Teramind can let your employees use social media and IMs and still protect them and your business from such threats. While there are dedicated solutions like PaperCut out there, that can track printer activity and logs, having this feature built-in your employee monitoring solution has some advantages. In addition to saving cost, software like Teramind can show you who is printing what, set alerts for the attempted printing of sensitive data or excess printing behavior, view the content of the document being printed etc.

It also records all the information for security logs and compliance processes. Only a handful of employee mentoring solutions have these capabilities. What it does is, visually captures all screen activities of an employee and optionally record the audio from their computer speaker and microphone. An administrator can view the content live or play a previous recording. Together with employee activity, application and network logs; session recording provides a vast collection of investigation data to locate the source and insider threat with pinpoint accuracy.

The recording can also be exported or downloaded as video files as legal evidence in case of a crime committed by a monitored employee. Privileged employees, power users and sometimes preferred vendors have access to your core IT systems, apps and network in order to complete their jobs. In fact, user privilege is considered one of the main reasons sensitive data breaches happen. Remote work in all sectors has increased , especially in the IT sector. However, while they bring many benefits, remote employees require special considerations.

Often, they are spread across multiple time zones, have their own home offices and work on their own devices. This can create all kind of security, management and payroll complicacies. Employee monitoring software which support remote employee monitoring have built-in features to handle these requirements. In addition to implementing special security rules like network access control, prevent abnormal login software like Teramind provide an all-inclusive monitoring solution to track employee time, departmental projects, and overall productivity.

Third-party vendors are important resources for many businesses. According to Deloitte , a typical Fortune company may use more than , external third-parties. Even SMEs rely on suppliers, partners and other businesses to conduct their daily business. Yet, these third-party users are a significant security threat. To mitigate this risk, employee monitoring solutions are beginning to include third-party vendors, contractors and freelancers as part of their monitoring perimeter. They have the ability to wreak havoc by stealing company data as well as damage IT infrastructure.

Yet, due to their external nature, most of the time these users are not vetted properly for security clearance. So, given the opportunity, these users should be monitored with the same or even more rigor than an internal user. Teramind offers a platform to monitor third party vendors to ensure access is only granted to systems needed, decrease the chances of accidental mistakes that can damage system settings, and help improve IT safety measures. When time equals money, employee productivity has to be at its peak level to ensure optimal results.

However, with so many distractions around these days, keeping employees dedicated to their work tasks has become quite the test for many organizations. Are your employees spending too much time on tasks that are less profitable? Watching memes on Facebook? Is it just one or two employees unproductive or is it the entire team? To tackle these questions, feature-rich employee monitoring solutions like Teramind include built-in workforce optimization and project management tools like time sheet, project planner, task scheduler etc.

Compliance with data privacy and employee rights may sound like they are counter intuitive to employee monitoring. In reality, these standards and regulations require that organizations have data protection, logging, auditing and breach reporting systems in place. This means, you actually need employee monitoring and tracking capabilities to conform with these regulations and ensure your employees are following the compliance directives too.

But keep in mind that compliance is a complex undertaking and not all employee monitoring solutions have this feature. Typically, this means, the software comes with many out-of-the-box policies and rules to support the compliance requirements and a policy editor to configure special use cases like privacy, data protection and retention rules and breach reporting and auditing capabilities. Top of the line employee monitoring systems use machine learning, AI and intelligent behavior analysis to detect anomalies that indicate deviation from normal behavioral baseline.

They deploy dynamic risk scoring and vulnerabilities scanning algorithm to identify at risk employees, policies and systems resources to proactively protect other employees and the organization from threats before they become critical issues. How focused are your employees? Are they spending too much time on social media? This distraction is a problem even when your employees are using productivity software. With a good employee monitoring software, these can easily be fixed. You can then meet with your employees parodically to find out how their goals are progressing and whether they need help.

Managers and supervisors spend a lot of time with administrative works. With the right employee monitoring solution, many of these tasks can be automated or made efficient. For example, with Teramind you can:. Engaged employees are a healthy, productive workforce. Well-driven employees are what essentially stimulates the progress of a company. Moreover, when employees are engaged, businesses see a revenue growth of 2. However, sometimes your most active employees can become disengaged. There are several reasons for this.

Some of them has to do with motivation some due to over pressure or lack of incentives. One of the most futuristic and progressive approaches to solving these problems is through employee behavior analytics. An employee monitoring software can track user activity throughout the work day creating a catalog of behaviors and actions. You can then develop all sorts of KPIs and metrics to measure employee engagement: How many hours are your employees active? Getting buried under Emails? You can track employee performance over time and see if they are on a decreasing trend.

Find out how often your employees are spending time on breaks and unproductive activity.

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Identify disgruntled, angry sentiment from their emails, IMs and social media engagement. When you know the cause es of the disengagement, you can systematically address them. For example, management can approach the subject of long meetings and email overload by adapting another communication method like instant messaging. For low performing employees, arrange for a performance development plan PDP etc. The trick is to identify a potential issue before it becomes a problem. In management, gap analysis involves the comparison of actual performance with potential or desired performance.

With an employee monitoring system with the right features, HR managers can conduct gap analysis and process improvement at individual and team levels by identifying skill gaps, overlap in duties and responsibilities, conflicting goals and accountability etc. All these information gives you better understanding of your employees work habits so that you can adopt or personalize workflow process to suit their capabilities, delegate task better or move things around.

These can be employees, partners, third-party vendors, contractors etc. They pose a threat when they intentionally or accidentally put the organization on harms way by leaking sensitive data, sabotage, fraud, theft or other misuses of their access privilege. The insiders often collude with each other or external parties and can cause one of the biggest risks for an organization. According to the Community Emergency Response Team , the main reasons for insider caused incidents are: To mitigate such threats, some employee monitoring system like Teramind come with insider threat detection modules.

This feature work by first identifying what employee behaviors are high risk i. Then, advanced behavior-based rules are used to automatically detect when users violate the rules. Teramind utilizes sophisticated anomaly rules to identify employee or third-party vendor activity outside the normal behavior. It can then send immediately alert about harmful employee activity, lock them out or let an admin take remote control of their computer before any malicious or fraudulent attempt.

Data loss and IP theft can cause a great deal of financial burden for an organization. Majority of the data breaches involve employees. While an employee monitoring system cannot protect you from all these data breaches you need a dedicated data loss prevention solution like Teramind DLP for that ; it can give you at least basic protection from employee-borne data breach incidents.

For example, Teramind comes with some useful data protection features. All these features can help minimize information exfiltration and data leaks. Almost one in five people waste more than a third of their time at the office according to a GoVoip survey. In a week, this adds up to at least 15 hours, or nearly 2 full workdays of wasted time.

Top 10 Best Free Employee Monitoring Software 2018

You can minimize such waste by implementing website usage and social media policies as mentioned before. There are other ways too. For example, Teramind can track employee active vs idle time and allows you to send automated notifications to employees if they are idling excessively. Some of the employee monitoring software products like Teramind feature time tracking modules built-into them, letting you do away with manual paper work or timesheets in Excel. Some let you export the information to dedicated time tracking software like Zoho for further processing. Another benefit of having time tracking with employee monitoring means that you can synchronize across multiple time zones and remote teams.

When development teams are working across different locations and even different time zones, communicating and evaluating this progress becomes complicated. Employee monitoring can help your security and legal team investigate possible criminal activity i. Solutions like Teramind can provide them with detailed alerts for all employees including any security incidents and what actions were taken. Warning messages can be configured to inform employees about nonconformity and influence corrective behavior. Instant snapshots, session recordings and history playback features can be used for audit and evidence gathering purposes.

The recordings can be handed over to law enforcement as evidence. Utilizing employee monitoring for all your staff members means you are creating a flat organization, where everybody is measured objectively and the same way. This creates an atmosphere of fairness and transparency. Furthermore, it makes it easy for managers and supervisor to communicate better and connect with more people.

Since they can easily find out what each employee is up to, providing feedback is easier and faster. This is particularly helpful in planning for collaborative works or shared projects. For example, you can assign alternate tasks to one of your marketing employees when they are waiting for product department to give the product road-map. Employee monitoring is still a sensitive subject for most organizations. Especially, in recent years data privacy has become the topic of conversation in every boardroom due to the introduction of GDPR and similar laws.

However, many employees themselves might see such software an invasion to their privacy. Organizations planning to use employee monitoring should consider what they intend to achieve and select a solution accordingly. Not every workplace culture is ready for a full-blown employee monitoring system. You might want to use employee monitoring to capture only privileged user activity. Or may be you just want to monitor your third party vendors. Another company might want to leverage employee monitoring in specific departments such as a bank for their tellers only.

For example, with Teramind, you can set up a social media monitoring rule only for the Marketing department while leaving it turned off for other employees. To mitigate fears and moral dilemma, organizations should implement clear privacy and performance evaluation guidelines when hiring new employees, conduct briefing sessions and educational seminar about employee privacy and monitoring practices etc. On the software level, vendors are introducing machine learning and AI to conduct context analysis and behavior-based monitoring so that human factors are included as part of the monitoring process.

Admin can purge the recording when no longer required. All these transparency and control over the monitoring process can reduce the negative effects on employee morale. Different jurisdictions may impose restrictions on how certain employee monitoring functionality is implemented. Then there are international compliance laws and standards like GDPR which complicate employee monitoring and privacy issues even further. So, how do you go about deciding what to do or not do when it comes to employee monitoring? Especially, if you are a global company or a small business with remote workers, how do you comply with multiple laws spanned across different jurisdictions?

Once your legal and HR gives you the green light, you can then choose an employee monitoring system like Teramind which can be customized with respect to its monitoring and recording features to abide by any legal, ethical or regulatory restrictions. Compare the monitoring features among the top few and then select the ones you want to investigate further.

Ask yourself if you need additional features like insider threat detection, data loss prevention, time tracking, productivity optimization. Not all employee monitoring solutions offer these or they can charge extra for each module. What kind of advanced technology it utilizes? Does it support OCR, fingerprinting, tagging?

How many system objects can it monitor apps, web, screen, network, keyboard? How easy it is to use? Can you learn it quickly or will it take a long learning curve? Once you know the answers to these, proceed to the next step. Another strategic thing to ask is: Will the solution be able to support your business goals profitability, reduce expense, productivity and sustain them through an evolving competitive landscape?

Read the case studies and customer stories to see what you peers are using employee monitoring for ideas and inspirations. Many powerful solutions fail to deliver results because they are too complicated to use. Ask yourself: do the employee monitoring software has an intuitive interface? Can it be customized easily to suit your needs i. How much can you configure the monitoring settings? For example: does it allow you to create profiles for individual employees, groups and departments?

Can the monitoring objects be configured to allow employee privacy? Can you automatically set recording time based on incident or a schedule? The more flexibility the software allows, the better as you will be able to adjust it as your requirements change they will! Calculate the total cost of ownership TOC and verify if the solution is worth its value.

Does the vendor include those in the pricing, or do you have to pay extra for them? How does the licensing work? Is it per device or per user?

Remote employee monitoring with AeroAdmin

If you are deploying on a private server say on AWS, check the documentation for server requirements. The solution may require additional storage, bandwidth that might become a problem when you scale up. Understand how the cost will increase as your team grows. Finally, consider how much you will benefit from the employee monitoring system.

By how much? Eliminate wasted time? Attach a value for these savings. Only then you will have a proper evaluation of the employee monitoring solution s you are looking at. You can leverage LDAP groups and users to identify which employee and groups to apply which policies and rules to. However, this can be expensive and may require longer deployment time. If you want a cheaper, faster and scalable deployment option, then you might consider a Cloud-based solution.

Some vendors also offer a Private Cloud solution.

What is Employee Monitoring?

They each have their own strength and weakness. Consult with your Finance and IT if you need a second opinion. A good way to judge a software is to checkout its user reviews and vendor reputation. How many users liked the product? Does it have a good rating? If there are complaints, what are they for?

What are its core features and weaknesses? How does it stack up against competitors?

Employee Monitoring Software - See All Employee Activity

These are all valid queries answer to which you can find out easily with a quick internet search. As mentioned before, find out your use cases first and then try to fit in a solution that will meet your need. Some vendors may charge you extra for premium support i. Again, check out the reviews to find out if a vendor has a good reputation for providing great support.

Ask for an enterprise SLA if you need one. You can sync user activity, tasks, budget etc. Find out if your existing software will work well with the employee monitoring agent software. Is it going to slow down your network or chew up the CPU performance? How about antivirus and firewall solutions you might already have in place? Will they cause conflict? These might sound trivial at first, but compatibility issues can cause a lot of annoyance and wasted time down the road.

It might be tempting and even justifiable in some scenarios to keep an eye on your employees without their knowledge. However, many industries and organizations believe that informing employees of monitoring will deter employees from committing malicious or possible criminal activity.

Be transparent about your reasons for using the software.

Types of Employee Monitoring Systems

The Santa Clara Valley Water District educated its employees in the bargaining units on why monitoring was being put in place, how it would be done, and how it would affect employees. All of these issues were discussed at various meetings over six months before monitoring began. The idea was to roll out the software smoothly and reduce any fear and loathing.

Every employee is responsible for ensuring the security of your infrastructure and data. Ensure you communicate security policies at onboarding and keep these policies up-to-date. Consider requiring a yearly read and sign-off acknowledgement of the policy by all employees.

Discuss the very real consequences of a breach and how it impacts employees. On a micro-level, breaches result in lost work and cause rework for the employee. Start free trial. Online computer monitoring Time tracking Productivity analysis Computer screen recording Violations monitoring Productivity metrics Remote pc access Keylogger Remote employee monitoring Classroom computer monitoring.

Reviewed: 20 Nov Kirill P. Reviewed: 21 Sep Verified Reviewer , Human Resources. Pros: The software is insanely easy to use. Reviewed: 13 Sep Denis L. Reviewed: 04 Sep Max T. Reviewed: 20 Dec Maxim M. Pros: The program was like placebo for the team. Online computer monitoring real-time staff monitoring software. Employee time tracking Unauthorized absence and lateness monitoring. Employee productivity analysis Websites and applications user tracking. Employee computer screen recording Desktop activity recording and logging. Employee violations monitoring Detecting and monitoring of employee violations.

Employee productivity metrics Monitoring of employee productivity fluctuations. Keylogger Keystroke tracker. Remote employee monitoring Oursourced personnel work time recording software. Classroom computer monitoring School computer monitoring software. Unlimited technical support Our exclusive offer! Cross-platform solution. Works on Windows, Mac and Linux. How Do Sales Managers Steal? Top Fraudulent Schemes. Working With Freelancers Everything You Wanted To Know. How Employers Monitor Their Employees.

Top 10 Free Keyloggers for Employee Monitoring Read all. For clients.

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